400 College Avenue

These beautiful apartments are located in the heart of Collegetown at the intersection of College Avenue and Dryden Road. This is one of Collegetown’s finest luxury buildings and is the highest construction grade, with fully poured concrete providing excellent soundproofing and fire protection.

This building features a free gym, Starbucks on the ground floor, elevator, air conditioning, and more. There are a slew of restaurants nearby, a bus stop a block away, and a convenience store across the street. Cornell is a block away.

Every apartment features granite and hardwood floors throughout. They are fully furnished with leather couches in the living rooms and full size beds, desks, and dressers in each bedroom. Each kitchen includes a dishwasher and garbage disposal.

This is a very safe building, protected by numerous security cameras, an intercom system, and fire sprinklers.

Cold and hot water, heat, and sewage are included. High-speed internet is available. Garage parking available nearby.

UnitFloorRentBedrooms / BathroomsTourAvailability
2012N/A 2/1Virtual TourRented
2022$1350/person 2/1Virtual Tour2022-2023
2032N/A 2/1Virtual TourRented
2042N/A 1/1Virtual TourRented
3013N/A 2/1Virtual TourRented
3023N/A 2/1Virtual TourRented
3033$1400/person 2/1Virtual Tour2022-2023
304 3N/A 1/1Virtual TourRented
4014$1450/person 2/1Virtual Tour2022-2023
4024$1450/person 2/1Virtual Tour2022-2023
4034N/A 2/1Virtual TourRented
4044$2350 1/1Virtual Tour2022-2023
5015$1500/person 2/1Virtual Tour2022-2023
5024$1500/person 2/1Virtual Tour2022-2023
5034$1500/person 2/1Virtual Tour2022-2023
5045N/A 1/1Virtual TourRented
6016N/A 2/1Virtual TourRented
6026N/A 2/1Virtual TourRented
6036N/A 2/1Virtual TourRented
6046$2450 1/1Virtual Tour2022-2023

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